Conscious Kitchen offers more than just nourishing and delicious food.

We passionately care about mother earth and all that is being. Hence, ethics and environment form the foundation of our ethos. We believe that offering support, education, awareness, self-empowerment and knowledge in wellbeing, is key to building a community where individuals can honour themselves and be the best they can be. We do not believe in judgement or labels. We are all on our own journey so we just offer respect, laughter, peace, love and happiness #bybeingconscious. 

SELF LOVE is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself


Our bodies are self-healing machines that are far more intelligent than we can ever comprehend, all the research around the microbiome and gut-brain axis is just emerging, although centuries ago this was known. Our inhouse nutritionist has carried out cleanses and supported many others on their journey and believes it to be key for optimal health and to LIVE!



We wholly believe that your mind and body deserve nothing but the best to guide and transport you through life.  After all, if you don’t love and nourish yourself and fill your own love container, how can you give love from an empty place.

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Let us educate and support you in creating your health & wellbeing tool bag, allowing that feeling of inner peace to remain whilst being bombarded with life and everything it throws at you.


our mission

Awareness of being conscious in all aspects of life - educating and bring the community together through food.