Love yourself

This part of Conscious Kitchen is what makes us different, after all how you can you have a community, a health hub or even food that is prepared without LOVE, seriously… anyone can gain education and knowledge, the power comes when you implement that and empower yourself.  Let us educate and support you in creating your health & wellbeing tool bag, allowing that feeling of inner peace to remain whilst being bombarded with life and everything it throws at you.

Our bodies are self-healing machines that are far more intelligent than we can ever comprehend, all the research around the microbiome and gut-brain axis is just emerging, although centuries ago this was known. Our inhouse nutritionist (Claire) has carried out cleanses and supported many others on their journey and believes it to be key for optimal health and well-being, come in and learn how to support and cleanse the mental, physical and emotional bodies as they all need some TLC.

So just give it what it needs and let it work its magic.  Nurture yourself – find time to sleep, relax, meditate, cleanse, and be self-aware.  We offer food and juice packages, cleanses and full on detoxes…….

We are all INDIVUDIAL!! Genetics, metabolism, hormones, microbiome, you get the gist….in addition to this we have the mental emotional conditioning & behaviours creating our uniqueness.  I am sure you would agree the greater part of our adult life is spent undoing our thought patterns and belief systems that our parents, teachers, peers etc fed into our subconscious.

Finding your true self, that inner knowing and trusting that you are in the right place at the right time.  After all we are here to learn and grow.  This is your journey at Conscious Kitchen we have no judgement, we just embrace your uniqueness and who you are.

The Conscious Kitchen are a bunch of friends all bringing their uniqueness and passions together to build a community, all learning from each other and growing and creating a hub.

Including food & juice packages and varying cleanses & detoxes, we wholly believe that your mind and body deserve nothing but the best to guide and transport you through life.  After all, if you don’t love and nourish yourself and fill your own love container, how can you give love from an empty place.

Ever asked the question WHO AM I?... the most important inner knowing is I AM we are much more than the physical… sorry its getting a bit deep but in simplistic terms finding what makes us experience joy, our passions and vision for this one shot we get at life.


Jaime Lawson
Meal plans

Our meal plans are carefully thought out, ensuring all your nutritional needs are met on a daily basis, with a few added superfoods I might add they are prepared fresh in our kitchen with the best ingredients we can lay our hands on, as local, seasonal and organic as possible.  Collected or delivered to your door.
Bring your body back into balance after let’s say some SLIGHT indulgence or maybe we are talking full on abuse? Either way start loving your body again. Start the year feeling energised, motivated and ready to smash 2018.  Hungry? Who said hungry? We don’t do hunger at Conscious Kitchen, reset your gut-brain connection, the appetite regulators and your taste-buds and recondition your mind all whilst being spoilt with culinary delights.    
For people already plant-based, the transitioning or meat eaters alike these packages will open your eyes to the wonders of a plant-based world, discover how versatile vegetables really are…grab some great recipe ideas and tips on how to maintain a healthy sustainable diet and lifestyle.  Give your digestive system the rest it deserves, free from the acidic and inflammatory causing foods such as dairy, wheat and sugar!  
Our focus at Conscious Kitchen is gut-health and this is reflected in our packages, therefore you are bound to find some fermented goodies in your daily parcel in one way or another supporting you boosting your immune system and giving your microbiome the good bacteria it needs to thrive.  What better way to start the year than giving your body that TLC and appreciating the simple tastes that nature offers.
Have a free consultation with our in-house nutritionist who can offer guidance and support and tailor your package to compliment your goals and lifestyle.  Ailments, allergens and dislikes all taken into account.

Fresh and made on site                                                Benefits

  • 100% Plant-Based                                                     Boost energy, Better sleep,

  • locally sourced fruit and vegetables                        Lose Weight, healthy skin & hair

  • Organic where possible                                            Gain mental clarity, Boost energy

  • Wheat free                                                                 Immune boosting, lower cholesterol

  •  Dairy free                                                                  Rest GI Tract, lower bloody pressure

  • Sugar free                                                                  Alkalising/Anti Inflammatory

  • Made with LOVE                                                        More Patience

  • TASTY                                                                        Prep for full-on cleanse

Jaime Lawson
Chocolate. A word that arouses desire in most of us.

Eating a bar of shiny wrapped chocolate found in supermarkets is indeed a guilty sin. We are conditioned since childhood to feel that ‘chocolate’ is naughty and a treat, but not for the real reasons. Yes, we are aware it’s full of refined sugar, but it’s also high in hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colourings plus all sorts of other nasties. Like all processed food that you think tastes amazing, it’s having a ghastly effect on your body.

The Latin name for the cacao tree, where chocolate originates from, is Theobrama Cacao. This literally translates as ‘food of the gods’. In its raw state, before it’s heavily processed into the bars that you know as chocolate, it’s a superfood. Yes, something that is actually good for you.

Cacao is a sacred food that originates from the Mayan civilization around 900 AD. The Mayan goddess of cacao is Ixcacao, an ancient fertility and earth goddess in a matriarchal society where gathering crops and seeing to it that everyone was fed was woman's work. Banishing hunger and providing for the safety and security of the people was her divine responsibility. This is cacao’s true vocation, to feed and to nourish.

It’s reported that Cacao actually holds the record for the highest magnesium content to be found in any food anywhere in the world. Magnesium helps provide energy and also calms you down, that’s probably why women all over the world gorge themselves on it monthly. It’s also high in sulphur. Sulphur is good for skin, hair and nails. So instead of getting all spotty eating processed chocolate, the reverse will happen when you eat raw chocolate. You’ll be come radiant and beautiful!

Another benefit if you eat raw naked chocolate is that you’ll become euphoric and high, in the most natural way of course, as it causes your body to release serotonin and endorphins. Happiness and bliss will shine through, so another reason to eat at that time of the month. PMT symptoms will reduce and things won’t feel so bad.  Cacao is packed with all sorts of minerals and vitamins, which are lost once it’s highly processed. Raw chocolate contains vitamins A1, B1 and 2, C and D, amongst others. It’s also high in iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, chromium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc. No wonder it’s called a superfood.

Cacao is high in antioxidants, more so than any other food which works wonders for your libido.

The chocolate base is raw, which translates that it’s not heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and retains all of the goodness and nutrients mentioned above. Coconut sugar is used instead of refined sugar, which means even diabetics can even indulge. It’s vegan, natural and guilt free.

We stock many flavours, including Love Potion, Goddess Bar and Rocky Road. In the new year we will also be stocking Sacred CBD - a highly medicinal cacao bar as an alternative for delivering CBD if you do not like the taste of pure cbd in your mouth. 

ChocolateJaime Lawson