Love yourself

This part of Conscious Kitchen is what makes us different, after all how you can you have a community, a health hub or even food that is prepared without LOVE, seriously… anyone can gain education and knowledge, the power comes when you implement that and empower yourself.  Let us educate and support you in creating your health & wellbeing tool bag, allowing that feeling of inner peace to remain whilst being bombarded with life and everything it throws at you.

Our bodies are self-healing machines that are far more intelligent than we can ever comprehend, all the research around the microbiome and gut-brain axis is just emerging, although centuries ago this was known. Our inhouse nutritionist (Claire) has carried out cleanses and supported many others on their journey and believes it to be key for optimal health and well-being, come in and learn how to support and cleanse the mental, physical and emotional bodies as they all need some TLC.

So just give it what it needs and let it work its magic.  Nurture yourself – find time to sleep, relax, meditate, cleanse, and be self-aware.  We offer food and juice packages, cleanses and full on detoxes…….

We are all INDIVUDIAL!! Genetics, metabolism, hormones, microbiome, you get the gist….in addition to this we have the mental emotional conditioning & behaviours creating our uniqueness.  I am sure you would agree the greater part of our adult life is spent undoing our thought patterns and belief systems that our parents, teachers, peers etc fed into our subconscious.

Finding your true self, that inner knowing and trusting that you are in the right place at the right time.  After all we are here to learn and grow.  This is your journey at Conscious Kitchen we have no judgement, we just embrace your uniqueness and who you are.

The Conscious Kitchen are a bunch of friends all bringing their uniqueness and passions together to build a community, all learning from each other and growing and creating a hub.

Including food & juice packages and varying cleanses & detoxes, we wholly believe that your mind and body deserve nothing but the best to guide and transport you through life.  After all, if you don’t love and nourish yourself and fill your own love container, how can you give love from an empty place.

Ever asked the question WHO AM I?... the most important inner knowing is I AM we are much more than the physical… sorry its getting a bit deep but in simplistic terms finding what makes us experience joy, our passions and vision for this one shot we get at life.


Jaime Lawson